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Adriel & Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Adriel is pleased to be able to offer one of the industry’s most granular, role-based access control for running advertising operations. In this blog, we’ll highlight the specific features of Adriel’s RBAC.

Adriel expands to Silicon Valley

We're very excited to officially announce that we are expanding our operations to the US with a Silicon Valley launch!

How Can Marketers Streamline the Work-From-Home Era?

With the stark shift in the landscape of the workforce, leaders are pressed to adjust their strategies to keep their employees united and aligned from miles away.

Which Media Channels Does Adriel Support?

Advertising success comes from which media channels you use and how you use them.

How is Adriel Different from Google Analytics?

Adriel and Google Analytics work hand in hand to make your digital advertising experience the most efficient it could ever be.

One Dashboard to Control Them All – Managing All Your Marketing Campaigns At Once

Make one stop to your dashboard in order to control all your online marketing campaigns.

Adriel received an award – Innovation Hero: Marketing API – at the 2020 Facebook Partner Awards

Adriel, an integrated digital marketing solution, was selected as one of the top innovative companies during the Facebook Marketing Partner Awards.

Detecting Ad Fraud With Centralized Data

During 2017, Uber discovered that ad fraud comprised two-thirds ($100M) of their total online advertising budget, rendering that portion useless.

Customizing Your Dashboard - Pivot Tables

Adriel’s pivot tables are a tool that lets you cross-evaluate channels, campaigns, and more through your selection of KPIs.

Why Businesses Need Centralized Dashboards in 2021

Efficiency is by far the most vital part of a business and the tools that are provided to workers directly affect a business’s efficiency.

Invite Your Colleagues to Collaborate on Adriel

Great things often come from collaboration. Adriel is one of these places that let you make it happen.

Why You Should Use Google Analytics for Your Business

To understand trends and behaviors, tracking data is vital.

Tips to Increase your Landing Page Conversion Rate

A landing page is more than just a website, it is an opportunity to capture and convince your potential customers to make a conversion.

Optimization Tips to Boost Your Google Ads

If you are involved in digital marketing, chances are you’ve tried running ads on Google.

Take Advantage of Facebook Lookalike Audience

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook is vital to connecting with your audience.

[Google] Reasons for ad disapproval

Find out reasons for google ad disapproval and prevent them in advance.

Multi-Platform Advertising — Run Ads with Microsoft & Yelp

Find out benefits of running ads with Microsoft & Yelp

All You Need to Know: Sitelinks & Callout Extensions

One way to stand out in a crowded online marketplace is to include extensions in your Google Ads.

5 of the Most Common Facebook & Instagram Ad Mistakes

We’ve put together a few things to look out for when designing your online campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, to make sure you avoid falling foul of the review process.

Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code you put on the header of your website.